3 of the Best Ways to Remember to Drink Water

By Cynthia Brace

As we slide into the summer season here in Burlington Ontario, if you haven’t already, it’s time to nail down that habit of remembering to drink water.

We’re made up of about 70% water, so your body needs it replenished regularly to function properly.  We lose water through breathing, sweating and elimination.  Two of which I’m sure you do on a regular basis.

Water is used by ALL of your cells, tissues and organs and helps regulate your temperature.

You want your cells to look like:

This                                      Not this


Being properly hydrated helps everything from constipation, to weight loss, to nicer looking skin.


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So how much should you drink?

Two litres a day is a good benchmark.  That’s approximately eight 8 oz glasses.

If you are an athlete, sweat a lot, have an illness or something else that uses the water in your body more quickly then you’re going to want to increase that amount.

One of the biggest challenges, when you start the habit of drinking more water, is to actually remember to do it.  Below are:

3 of the Best Ways to Remember to Drink Water

Use an App.

Yup, they have them, LOTS of them. Set your goals, reminder times and track how much you’re actually drinking.

If you’re someone who does drink water regularly, don’t be surprised when you start tracking and realize how little you were actually drinking. I hear this all the time.

You can even set water goals in things like Carb Manager (one of my favorite all around tracker).

When you first start out with your goal of being properly hydrated, using an app to get you in the habit can be a huge help.

Keep a Glass or Bottle Beside You.

When I’m at home, there’s always a glass of water beside me so that it’s there reminding me to have some.

When you go out, always take a bottle with you.

There are so many beautiful bottles out there, pick one that makes you happy so you won’t mind having it around all the time.

Make sure it’s stainless steel or BPA free plastic and always be sure to clean them regularly.

I mean, scrub them, swishing them with a little water and soap doesn’t always do the job.

Get a bottle brush or put in a few tablespoons of uncooked rice, a bit of soap and water, then shake it up, that gets them sparkly clean and safe for use.

Drink Between Doing Everyday Things.

You have a routine you do every day without really thinking about it, shower, brushing your teeth, the time you start work, making supper.

Add drinking water as part of your normal routine. Wake up – have some water, jumping in the shower – have some water, just finished brushing your teeth – have some water. You get the idea.

Work seems to be a bigger challenge, but add it to your everyday stuff. Finish an email – have some water, finish a phone call – have some water, get back from a bathroom break – have some water.

When you get into the habit of drinking more water, it will be just like brushing your teeth; you won’t’ really have to think about it. But you’ll get all the benefits like better elimination (if you’re someone who’s constipated you know what I mean) beautiful skin and more energy.


Sip don’t chug it absorbs better, and you don’t get a bloated feeling.

When you’re having a craving in-between meals have a glass of water, you may just be thirsty.

Yes, you’re going to go to the bathroom a lot more when you first start out drinking more water. Your body has to adjust to its new happier levels of water, and that’s going to take a bit of time.

Stick with it.   Every time you’re going pee, just think, you’re detoxing, getting nicer skin and increasing your energy.

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