• 12 Week mindset, physical and self care program
  • 12 Week mindset, physical and self care program

Ditch the Diet Master Your Lifestyle
is a 12-Week Transformational Program Focused on
Your Mindset, Physical and Self-Care to
Create YOUR Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle.

I work with amazing women just like you. You’re exhausted, stressed and are just looking for an uncomplicated way to be healthy.

But the thought of doing another “diet” or searching for answers on the internet makes you want to pull your hair out and scream with frustration.

With Ditch the Diet Master Your Lifestyle you’ll have what you need to have a healthy lifestyle that supports YOU long-term. You can enjoy your work and life feeling motivated, confident, energetic every day.

You’re More Than Ready To Wake Up Feeling Healthy and Balanced.
You Wish Someone Would Just Give You A Step By Step Way To Get There.

You really do want to be healthy, feel and look great but you don’t want to start yet another diet, which you know deep down won’t work long-term.

It’s so frustrating that your clothes don’t fit right and it’s messing with your confidence.

You go through frequent times of feeling irritable and have a hard time trying to focus on getting things done. And let’s face it, pretty much any time in the afternoon you could put your head on your desk for a nap.

You’re doing so much with work, family taking care of your household that you feel like you’re constantly going, with no downtime for yourself.

Heck, you don’t even realize you can have downtime. You feel like you’re slowly burning out and you realize it’s time to find a way to focus on you and your health without dropping everything and flying away to an exotic destination.

You Don’t Have To Be Last On Your List.
You CAN Take Care Of Yourself And Have A Busy Life Too.

What if you could feel empowered knowing what you’re doing is supporting YOU every day.

Imagine knowing you don’t have to spend hours at a gym to look and feel great.  Looking forward to eating birthday cake, without the guilt.
Bye, bye yo-yo dieting!

What if you could find a way to take the much needed time for yourself to breathe and release stress, every day?

Imagine you could feel focused, motivated, have the energy left over for other parts of your life—you know, like taking that yoga class, going out with friends or spending time with your family.

Picture going to your closet and knowing that whatever is in there is going to fit comfortably. You feel confident, happy, sexy.

What if you could create ease, happiness, health while still being the busy woman you are?

These are the exact results from clients who once felt the same way you do about their health.
To say that they were happy to finally figure it out is an understatement.

“Today I am specifically grateful for this program and for the guidance and support from Cynthia Brace which is truly unique. Most importantly it works! After only one month I have kicked the sugar habit, feel more energy and less pain.  I have lost weight too, which is amazing as I have not lost any weight at all in spite of trying hard over the past year. Huge thanks and much gratitude Cynthia!”

“All I have to say about this program is DO IT! I started out feeling very low about myself and what value I had in my existence in both my family
and work life. Working with Cynthia has raised me up to new heights of both emotional and physical levels.
The tools and support that Cynthia provided were exactly what I needed to get myself out of the funk that I was in.  A BIG THANK YOU TO CYNTHIA!”

“This program has changed my life for the better in more ways than one I feel confident and secure in my body, something that I struggled with in the past. It taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle in a way that I enjoy. I feel healthy and lively every day. The lifestyle skills that I have learned in this program will help and benefit me for the rest of my life, and I am eternally grateful for that.  Thank you, Cynthia!”

That’s where Ditch the Diet Master Your Lifestyle can change your life.

Taking you from feeling frustrated and discouraged about your health to
confident, happy and fulfilled.

Ditch the Diet Master Your Lifestyle is a 12 week one to one health coaching experience unlike any other.

Over the course of this 12-week transformational program, we’ll do the following together:

Introductory Pre-Assessment 

You’ll complete a questionnaire to help clarify your frustrations about your current health.  This allows us to create custom goals for you and dive into your mindset for success.

Deep Dive Session

  • In this first 60 minute session, we dive deep into your health goals, challenges, roadblocks and your current routines. What you’ve tried in the past, your specific struggles, strengths, and why you want to be healthier. Getting super clear on where you are and exactly where you want to be will help us create the lifestyle YOU want.

Master Your Lifestyle Sessions

  • This is where we’ll focus on creating habits and everyday routines so you can be healthy and feel great long-term.

    During these sessions, you’ll receive personal and unique guidance plus a lesson that covers one of the three areas of your lifestyle that we’ll be focusing on, mental, physical or spiritual.

    “I learned something new from EVERY SESSION we had. The best part of what I learned was that is was easily incorporated into my daily life”.  ~ Lee Arruda

    Over the course of the remaining eleven weeks some of the things we’ll cover are:

    Planning and how to keep fueled throughout the week with great food without it taking crazy amounts of time or interrupting your day. This is an important step to keep you feeling clear-headed and energetic.

    Put the spotlight on your stress. By focusing on how to manage and release stress, you’ll be more prepared to handle it in the future. Hello, more relaxed and calm you.

    Get ready to move your body, no gym required. Find a way to exercise that doesn’t feel like work for you. Get ready for energy, amazing focus and less stress as you incorporate this into your lifestyle.

    Focus on the steps to ditch the foggy brain and exhaustion. Get ready to be more productive and sleep better.

    Demystifying supplements so you can get what you need to support your body and not waste money on things you don’t need.

    Have the confidence to know that what you put on in the morning will fit, without a struggle. Learn an uncomplicated way to get you there.

    Ditch the gas and bloating that can leave you feeling like you swallowed a beach ball. Feel empowered knowing you won’t have to pop a button on your pants by the end of the day.

    Learn how to read a Nutritional (Food) Label so you know what you’re eating and how it may be causing weight gain, brain fog, and low energy.

    Keeping your success going, so that long after our 12 weeks together you’re able to sustain the healthy lifestyle you’ve learned so that you can feel healthy, confident, energetic every day.

    We’ll also dive into your progress, challenges and celebrate your successes. Hello, better sleep, better fitting clothes and more energy.

    For the two weeks we don’t meet in person you’ll receive a video lesson and easy steps to move you forward to feeling awesome every day.

    Each week you’ll get clear, realistic action steps and have support and accountability to help you succeed in feeling healthy and energetic long-term.

    During the course of the 12 weeks, you’ll have access to me by email the whole time.

Personal Health Files 

  • You’ll have access to your private Health Files. This is a convenient centralized location where everything is stored so you can easily find the resources you need.

“As a practitioner, I have confidence in referring patients to Cynthia. She is passionate and supportive, not only in helping you set realistic goals but also in helping you achieve them.

With the personalized knowledge, recommendations and support, when you’re done the program, you can…

Health Coach | Nutritionist | Cynthia Brace

Ditch the frustration and confusion about what to do to be healthy and feel empowered knowing that your lifestyle is supporting your body, mind and soul.

Know how to eat right and exercise without taking up massive amounts of time.

You feel sexier and more confident because your clothes fit better.

Accomplish so much more in less time because you’re less stressed, you’ve fueled your body, mind and taken time for self-care.

Get out of bed feeling rested, have a full workday and still have energy left over for family, friends or a favourite class. Hello unstoppable YOU!

You’ve Tried All Kinds Of Things.

Why Is This Different Than All The Rest?

Because it’s not a “diet”.

It’s building a solid foundation for your health, focusing on these three areas:

Mental, (Your Thoughts) – Because all positive change starts there.

Physical – How to eat healthy and exercise without it taking up a crazy amount of time.

Spiritual (Self-Care) – Stress management, time to recharge and do things you enjoy.

With this 12-week program, we’ll focus on creating habits and everyday routines in each of these three foundation areas so you can be healthy and feel great long-term. Meaning you’ll be supporting your body every day without suffering on a “diet”.

This is not another one-size-fits-all online program. This is me, sitting right beside you, focused on helping you create your new healthy lifestyle.

Get ready for the new healthy, energetic you!

When you Master your Lifestyle thanks to what you learn in the Ditch the Diet program, not only will YOU benefit from being happier, more focused and energetic your clients, co-workers and family will benefit from the new you too.

If you’ve been desperately seeking a way to figure out an uncomplicated way to be healthier – lose weight, have more energy and less stress – enroll in Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle today.

“Cynthia is a joy to work with. She is committed to your success and helps you every step of the way.

I liked the fact that one thing is learned at a time so that I have time to implement it into my life.  I would recommend this program to anyone looking to learn a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.”

Ready to get started with creating a healthy lifestyle that supports YOU?

You can do it; I can help get you there.

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2 Payments of $500

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