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How Can I Help You?

I help women just like you feel energetic, healthy and balanced.  Whether you’re looking for help with a certain health challenge or you just FINALLY want to figure out how to be healthy, lose weight, have more energy, less stress and feel great every day, then we should chat.

If you have visions of going on (or should I say suffering through) yet another ‘diet’ you’re in the wrong place.   Together we focus on building a solid foundation for your health (you know, the stuff you do everyday) so you can be healthy and feel great long-term.

Not only do I focus on the Physical (food and moving your body), I spend a lot of focus on Mindset and Stress Management.  I believe without all three it can be hard to succeed long-term.

What Do You Need Help With?

~ Stress Management

~ Low Energy/Fatigue

~ Acne/skin conditions

~ Constipation

~ Dietary changes/food allergies

~ Digestive Issues

~ Healthy Lifestyle Changes

~ Mindset

~ Cravings

~ Detoxification

~ Hormone issues

~ Sleep problems

~ Weight-loss

~ Meal Planning

I meet Online so after setting up the appointment you’ll be sent a link on how to join the appointment at the date and time you’ve selected.

Client Love

I loved working with Cynthia… She is kind, funny and gets right to the point in a no-nonsense but loving kind of way. She understood quickly what was going on with me and offered action steps and insight around my topic. Cynthia can hold the space for sometimes difficult or embarrassing topics while at the same time responding and clarifying in an informative, understanding and nonjudgmental way. It is like talking to a friend who really knows her stuff. Glad I found her.

You hear all the things you should be doing, or need to be doing and it can be contradictory and confusing! Cynthia’s program brings things in to perspective and makes goals achievable.

She’s very personable and non-judgmental. I felt completely comfortable talking about my health with her.

Commit fully, invest in yourself and trust Cynthia and the process – it works and it’s worth every penny!

Cynthia has as a down to earth approach and can make things simple and understandable. She believes achieving health and wellness takes into consideration many areas; Mindset, Physical and Spiritual/Self-Care. Her book is packed with great information yet easy to understand. Redesign Your Interior: 8 Steps to Reclaiming Your Health and Creating a Balanced Life. I highly recommend working with Cynthia and reading her book!